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WOMP, WOMP WOMMMP. A look back at 2020.

I don’t even know what to say about 2020. Except “WOMP, WOMP WOMMMP.” If it weren’t for Hattie being born, it would have been one huge turd of a year. We are somewhat fortunate in that being in lockdown was pretty much our normal life…sad but true haha. Anywho…here’s a look back at the year2020!

JANUARY – We rang in the new year with a trip to the ER. Turns out Reese had super high blood pressure. So that was fun. He and I did Whole 30 (which turned out to be Whole 18 + ketchup), and he lost 10 pounds, while I kept growing our little babe in my very large belly. Lad got his first “real” haircut from cousin Chelsea and our blonde chili-bowl-headed little boy looked like a grown man!

FEBRUARY – Reese and I went to New Braunfels for an out-of-town wedding and left little Laddy with the grandparents. Turns out this was the last time we would go anywhere (besides the hospital) for the rest of the year…WOMP, WOMP, WOMMMP. I bought a little potty because I thought potty training would be fun. Again, WOMP, WOMP, WOMMMP.

MARCH – Reese turned 32! In true Goebel fashion, we celebrated by staying home. I decided to keep Lad home the last Friday of school before Spring Break as a little treat…and then school was dismissed forever. WOMP, WOMP, WOMMMP to me.

APRIL – The world was at a stand-still and we continued to stay home. Being pregnant was no longer fun and thanks to my old-lady back, I had to use a walking stick. For real. I visited a magical chiropractor and found what I had been missing out on all my life. It was beautiful. We watched church on TV and discovered that our toddler was just as restless at “home church” as he was when we go to the real thing. While it was incredibly weird not going to church bright and early on Easter Sunday for the first time in our entire lives, I wasn’t mad about staying in my jammies and turning church on with the remote whilst enjoying my coffee.

MAY – BABY MONTH! With the whole “world in shut-down mode” thing going on, I was able to focus on my last month with just Laddy since apparently people don’t like to purchase homes during a world-wide pandemic. I did more squats than I can count in hopes that I could get that baby O.U.T. Thanks to a crazy rainstorm and bumpy ride on the mule, Hattie decided to arrive at 6:46 a.m. on Memorial Day…precisely 57 minutes after being checked-in to the hospital. We would have been there sooner but apparently Reese Goebel maxes out at 60 MPH in the early morning even when his wife is in labor in the passenger seat.

JUNE – I celebrated the first month of Hattie with two bouts of mastitis and a fun case of food poisoning (never buy a meat + cheese tray from a gas station). Also…LADDY TURNED TWO! We had family over for tacos and cookie cake and partied until 5:45 p.m. like the true crazies we are! We were also able to finallyyy go back to church again so Hattie got to make her first appearance with her pretty dress and very large bow.

JULY – We got to go somewhere!! On July 4 we left Hattie with the grandparents and took Laddy to the parade. I never knew driving 12 minutes to go sit on the side of the road would bring me so much freedom, but PTL for that break. We felt almost, kind of, semi-normal again! I took the kids and along with my mom, sister-in-law and nieces, we went on a little trip to the river just to get a chance to leave our houses for once. It was nice to go somewhere, but it turns out taking two small children on vacation isn’t so relaxing. 😉

AUGUST – We spent a lot of time outside…playing in the sprinklers, attempting to grow tomatoes and cucumbers, and chasing chickens. Sweet little Hattie was baptized at the end of the month. Our ac decided to go out so we had our first-ever family slumber party at Gigi and Popi’s house!

SEPTEMBER – Lad went to part-time daycare! It was hard on the little guy after spending every single second of every day together for 6 straight months, but it was a welcome change (as far as mom was concerned, hehe). I decided we would have “Goebel Family Fun Day” and we went to the Jersey Barnyard and pumpkin patch. And then that was all of “Goebel Family Fun Day” because we were tired. Lad learned to pee off of the porch just like his daddy. So proud. I entered into the last year of my 20’s and celebrated by drinking a beer at home. I’m a wild one, I tell ya!

OCTOBER – Lad flipped over his Tonka truck and busted his nose and chin – then four days later we took our first-ever family photos. WOMP, WOMP, WOMMMP. It was quickly reconfirmed that Hattie is the only photogenic one of the bunch. Lad was a cowboy for Halloween and Hattie wore a pumpkin hat (I’m super great at holidays, right?!). We continued down the never-ending potty-training road.

NOVEMBER – Happy confirmation to me! I jumped on over to the Catholic church on November 8. Thank goodness for the extra Jesus-blessings because I sure needed it for what the rest of the month had in store for us…chicken pox. Yep. Who even gets those anymore?! Us. We get the chicken pox. We postponed Thanksgiving to avoid spreading spots and shingles to family members and managed to come out on the other side! We also adopted a new tradition – our (now) Annual Thanksgiving Day Weenie Roast!

DECEMBER – Yay, Christmas! Or so we thought. We ended the year just like we started it…in the ER! Lad fell and cut himself on an old tractor part so we learned all about stiches and how fun those can be. We spent a lot of time baking, making Christmas crafts, singing songs…and spent the holidays quarantined after Reese got the Corona. WOMP, WOMP, WOMMMP. Thankfully no one else in our home got it…I’d like to thank the 12 vitamins we were taking on a daily basis. Lad finally was 95% potty trained…and Hattie also learned to go on the potty – don’t even ask.

Looking back at this year makes me laugh, cry and want to take a very, very long nap. I’m thankful for the blessings that came from 2020 but I’m not upset that it’s all behind us. 

So here’s to a new year! A fresh start and hopefully a year filled with lots of coffee, pretty days, potty-trained kiddos (who sleep through the night) and a lot less WOMP, WOMP WOMMMPS.

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