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January Happenings

January happenings & minnow traps. Welcome to our world!

January is one of my favorite months out of the entire year, but it always seems about 587 days long. Just me? Here in Texas there always seems to be one week in January where the weather is absolutely peerrrrfect – sunny, 75 degrees, no wind…and then the next week a cool front comes in a squashes all of our early-spring dreams.

The past few weeks with this beautiful warm weather we’ve really gotten into catching minnows. And by that, I mean we have caught one small fish in our minnow trap. 

In the mornings after Reese leaves for work, the kiddos and I trapse down the road, across the cattle guard, into the pasture and down to the tank. Lad throws in the trap a few times, gets tired, allows me to throw it in, decides he doesn’t like my placement, throws it back in himself, and we wait for the minnows.


Then, we head back to the house to start our day and wait for Dad to come home after work so we can go back to the tank and see if we’ve caught anything.

So far this hasn’t gone exactly as we had hoped (since we’ve only caught one), but we can’t seem to get the bait part right. They don’t like worms or bread, but the hot dog went over pretty well (that one time).

There’s also a creek nearby that we have started to go to and we splurged $7.59 on a new trap for down there. 

So, as you can see, we have been very busy leading our very rich and full life. 🙂 

It suits us.

Between real estate and #momlife and Reese’s work and his cowpoke things, (not) catching minnows is the kind of “excitement” we need.

In other news, I need everyone to help convince Reese that we should have a greenhouse. He seems to have a lack of confidence in my gardening (due to the fact that he currently waters my garden because I can’t seem to remember to), but I keep telling him that the reason I forget is because last summer I gave birth and that tends to take a lot out of a person, thus the garden took a back seat.

But this summer I won’t be giving birth, nor will we have a newborn, so we can get a greenhouse now. We’ll just start things this spring and summer and keep them going all winter long. That way we can be self-sufficient (and I won’t have to go to the grocery store). YES.

In other news, (before the glorious 75 degree weather), WE HAD SNOW. We held-off on going outside as long as we could because we absolutely are not cold-weather people (at all). After Lad ran out in his underoos and rubber boots a few times, we figured we should man-up and head on out. We all put on seven layers of clothes and braved the frosty temperatures! Lad built a snowman, Reese hit me with a snowball, and we went on a very cold mule ride (that we soon regretted). It was so beautiful to see everything covered in snow, but we are very glad it’s gone and are looking forward to warmer weather. 🙂


I will keep everyone updated about the minnow trap and how things with that go; I know you are all on pins and needles.

Until next month…



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