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We Aren’t “Cold” People.

I remember back in January, the first time it snowed (never said that before…), I told Lad that we probably wouldn’t see snow for a few years.

Well. Boo.

My first order of business is to get that groundhog out of office. Never has anyone ever been more wrong. Negative temperatures in south-central Texas? Really? You’re fired.

This recent polar-vortex/artic-blast/snowpocalypse reinstated the notion that we definitely are not “cold” people. And for a two-year old who prefers to spend 97% of his life outside, the 7 degree weather was not ideal. We went out and played in the snow for about 30 minutes the first day, but after that things quickly started to spiral out of control. Hands got cold. Pants got wet. Noses started to run. And there was a very unfortunate situation with a little boy who had to potty but was wearing too many layers of clothes.

Us pretending to like the snow.

We were very lucky in that we only lost power and water a few hours at a time, but we definitely weren’t ok staying cooped-up for days on end. I was getting seasonal depression from the lack of sunlight and downing my vitamin D drops on the reg. The first day the sun came out and the temperature was above freezing we were running and laughing and acting like bears who had been hibernating for 3 months. (We aren’t dramatic at all. :])

He was very concerned about the state of his lawn.

Once the snow melted we were all in much better shape; Lad could run outside in his preferred attire of underoos and rubber boots, Reese could go check his cattle and didn’t have to bust water troughs anymore, and I didn’t have to worry about my precious little collard greens in the garden. (All of my vegetables survived, for those of you who are concerned. I know there has to be at least one person who wants to know.)

Lad and I were busy the days before the storm covering up the garden and wrapping pipes. We had collard greens, brussel sprouts, romain lettuce and winter flowers and they all survived! 

And apparently it’s an old wives tale that if it snows twice in a year it will definitely snow a third time. I’m just putting it out there that it snowed on Monday and Thursday that week so we are done with it this year at our house. We’ll be ready for winter again in a few years.

Now that it’s March, we are beyond ready to get our little garden going! We are going to try out a new little contraption with egg shells to start our seeds. We will take photos and report back.

Until then,



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