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I am a Pioneer Woman.

I’ve decided I’m going to be a Pioneer Woman and that our family is going to live off the land and we are going to become homestead people. Reese is stoked. (Sort of.) Let’s go.

Growing up we always had a garden at my grandparent’s house across the pasture. I’ve always loved having a garden and last year Reese built me two raised-bed gardens. We grew the normal vegetables, and, like the rest of the gardeners out there, had an explosion of squash and cherry tomatoes. H was just a newborn at the time, so I didn’t tend to it much and Reese was left to water it. Because I was busy. You know, with the whole newborn thing.

We planted Brussel sprouts, romaine lettuce and collard greens in one garden and peas, carrots spinach and flowers in the second. Our pea and carrot rows look drunk because as soon as we planted the seeds, the chickens came and scratched them up. So now they are growing crooked. But they are growing. So that’s more than I ever expected to happen in the first place. 😉 









This year we decided to add a regular garden in the ground too. Once that gets going, my plan is to put all of the veggies in the ground and put herbs and flowers in the raised beds. I was just informed that we don’t have the farm contraption to make the actual rows in the garden so we will see how this goes. Reese said we have to make the rows ourselves with a hoe. Had I known this I wouldn’t have suggested we make such a large in-ground garden. 

I also plan to have a cute little produce stand on the side of the road and sell my vegetables to passer-byers. I’m sure that’s totally going to work out. 🙂

My current campaign is for Reese to agree to get me a goat family. That way I can milk the goat and make soap and goat cheese. The problem with this is I’m more of a “fair-weather gal”. So I don’t really foresee myself milking a goat every morning and night. I’m also somewhat lactose intolerant so I’m going to need a taste-tester. This idea still needs to be work-shopped.

So that’s that. I’m going to be a pioneer woman and live off the land. And let’s all get together and convince Reese to get me a goat (that he will agree to milk on rainy/cold/unpleasant days). Deal? Deal.

1,2,3 BREAK.

Great talk, guys.



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