Seed starting…in egg shells.

Anytime I’ve ever planted produce I’ve used the little plants you buy at the store in packs of 4 or 6 or whatever. Like the ones that are grown. Because it’s really hard to mess those up.

But this year I went all ballsy and decided to buy just the seeds.

I’m brave, I know.

Since we live in a mild climate I’m fairly certain I could have planted the seeds straight into the ground and been fine. But my nana found a magazine article that talked about starting seeds in egg shells. Then once they are ready to go you just plant the entire shell into the ground. And since we have about 73 chickens that lay an insane amount of eggs, I figured I’d give it a go.

I started saving our egg shells every morning and filled up three 18-pack carts. I took them outside to get started, got distracted and took Lad fishing, came back and realized Olive the dog had knocked them off the table and eaten them all.

So that was fun.

Nana had been saving eggs the whole time too and after a few days of saving again we had enough to plant.

So there I was, scooping dirt into egg shells and dropping teeny little seeds. I realized I had suddenly become a 65 year old lady.

Every day Lad and I water our little egg babies. We have 4 cabbage sprouts so far, which really surprised Reese because his bet was zero.

So there. 😉

We will see how much progress these suckers make. I’m concerned with the amount of natural light they are getting, but I can’t put them outside because it’s March which means nutso winds and I don’t want my little egg-shell-seed-babies to blow away.

Hopefully we will have more seed sprouts in a few weeks and we can plant them in the ground in about a month! 

Here’s to hopin’.



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