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I’m a Real Mom Now.

I officially became a “mom” this week. 

Yes, we’ve had our children for quite some time now. And, generally speaking, once you have one or more littles living full-time in your home, that usually gives you the “mom” title.

But now I’m a real mom.

Wanna know why?

  1. I purchased a fanny pack.
  2.  I inherited my grandmother’s Rainbow vacuum.

So now I officially deserve the title.

I’ve wanted a fanny pack for a long time for our walks in the morning, but I’ve never pulled the trigger because I figured I could spend that $12.99 somewhere else. But I couldn’t stand it any longer and I saw one in the store just begging me to buy it. So I did. And you know what? It’s INCREDIBLY HANDY. Especially with littles. You can go the store and not have to take a backpack or annoying purse. My kids love to ride in the shopping cart at the store – until they don’t – and extra bags are a pain when you are making sure your children aren’t pulling crap off of the shelves. So do yourself a favor and go get one. 

And ab0ut that Rainbow. Man. I love it. But I forgot how bad it will make you feel about yourself when you go dump the water at the end. Gross.

You know, I’ve actually caught myself doing all sorts of mom things lately.

This morning I sewed Lad’s duvet cover because part of it had ripped on the bed rail instead of taping it shut in a janky way like I would have preferred.

And I bought Borax for the laundry.

And I’ve been planting flowers like crazy. For Mother’s Day I actually asked for an indoor potted plant.

Who am I?!

But I guess that’s just a sign of the times. Two kids, a few months away from the big 3 – 0…

Hi, it’s me. I’m a mom.

In other news, carefully cracking 48 eggs, drying them out, filling them with dirt, meticulously planting flea-sized seeds into said dirt and watering your little seeds for weeks on end is a big fat waste of time. So you’re welcome from saving you from that. In total, I had approximately 4 sprouts, which all proceeded to die.

The seeds I planted directly into the garden are THRIVING and we could now open a farmer’s market.

I’m SO PUMPED about my garden, but I’m also still bitter about the eggshell seeds. Because it sounds like a great idea in theory. On the bright side, Lad had an absolute HAY DAY throwing the eggs over the fence. It’s the little things. 🙂

Mental note: never try that again.

I’ll close-out this post by solidifying my old-age and showing you a picture of my garden. All my little baby seeds have grown into nice, well-rounded teens. 🙂



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