(A typical family photo.)

Hi! And welcome to our little space of the internet. My name is Kyla, and along with my husband + 2 small kiddos, I live in a teeny little community in Texas. Some of my favorite things include a hot cup of black coffee, breakfast food of any kind, running, talk radio and evening drives on our mule (not the donkey kind). I’m a recent [very enthused!] convert to the Catholic faith and we are easily the loudest ones in church on Sundays.

I enjoy gardening and DIY things, but haven’t been too successful the past few years because we have two small (crazy) children and we don’t tackle team projects very well yet. We’ll get there. My dream is to have a farm with miniature animals and a massive greenhouse with all kinds of plants and vegetables. [Reese is not a huge fan of this dream; he prefers cows only – maybe an occasional horse or two – and dislikes the fact that I’m terrible at watering the small garden we already have. I like to think that I’m “toughening my plants up” so they aren’t so needy.]

Along with the aforementioned farm+garden dream, I also aspire to be one of those handy-type people. With the exception of our toddler, we aren’t the best at building or fixing things. But I come from a family of very engineer-type folks, so I know it’s in me and I intend to learn how to be one of those people. Just know that if you ever come to our house, the photos on the wall are probably crooked and the curtain rods are barely attached to the wall…so don’t attempt to open them. Ever. But our floors will definitely be clean because I have this thing with vacuuming.

So if you’re looking for some wholesome entertainment and want to feel better about your messy house or incomplete projects or non-photogenic family, join us! We are usually a train-wreck, but we love each other and keep ourselves entertained. Maybe we can keep you entertained too!